Druze Pita with Brown Rice and Orange Pilaf, Canary Beans, Olive and Feta Salad and Winter Greens with Chickpea Sauce

I first had Druze pita bread at Gazala’s, a tiny, inexpensive and wonderful restaurant not far from Times Square in New York City. In fact, the site of Gazala herself, a young Israeli Druze woman, standing in the front window of her establishment cooking her platter-sized, super-thin rounds of bread on what looked like an overturned wok is what drew us in the door. Continue reading

Homemade Corned Beef and Pickled Tongue


When we bought a side of grass-fed beef from our friends at Gelinas Farm a while ago, we decided we wouldn’t let any part of it go to waste. Which means there are some items in our freezer that I don’t have much experience in cooking, the bits that are referred to (unappetizingly) as “offal.” You know – the innards.

And so I found myself last week pondering a frozen cow tongue, Continue reading