Warm Winter Salads

In winter, when our cold-weary bodies are craving warm, filling food, digging in to a big plate of chilly salad greens might not hold much appeal. It’s easy, though, to turn winter greens into a satisfying hot meal. Here are three recipes that do just that. Continue reading

Druze Pita with Brown Rice and Orange Pilaf, Canary Beans, Olive and Feta Salad and Winter Greens with Chickpea Sauce

I first had Druze pita bread at Gazala’s, a tiny, inexpensive and wonderful restaurant not far from Times Square in New York City. In fact, the site of Gazala herself, a young Israeli Druze woman, standing in the front window of her establishment cooking her platter-sized, super-thin rounds of bread on what looked like an overturned wok is what drew us in the door. Continue reading

Homemade Corned Beef and Pickled Tongue


When we bought a side of grass-fed beef from our friends at Gelinas Farm a while ago, we decided we wouldn’t let any part of it go to waste. Which means there are some items in our freezer that I don’t have much experience in cooking, the bits that are referred to (unappetizingly) as “offal.” You know – the innards.

And so I found myself last week pondering a frozen cow tongue, Continue reading