February Garden Calendar 2013

February’s Magic Number: 10 Hours of Daylight

In February, we finally get over 10 hours of light a day – February 3, to be exact. For some reason, 10 hours of daylight is the magic number – the chickens begin laying again and the plants in my unheated greenhouse begin to grow again. This is the month to plant cold hardy seeds in and out of the greenhouse.

February Planting

Early in February we’re still 16 weeks away from the frost free date (usually the end of May around here), so I focus on crops for my greenhouse that will mature rapidly (they will need to make way for tomatoes and peppers in May) and that are cold hardy – mostly greens.

February 5, planted inside:

  • Tyee Spinach (44 days)
  • Bloomsdale Spinach (42 days)
  • Quarantina Raab (40 days)
  • Grumolo Bionda Chicory (30 days baby, 50 mature)
  • Kolbiri Kohlrabi (45 days)
  • Sylvetta Arugula (50 days)
  • Senposai Select (40 days)
  • Tatsoi (45 days)
  • Hon Tsai Tai (37 days)
  • Sharaku Komatsuna (21 days baby, 40 mature)
  • Ruby Streak Mustard (40 days)

February 6, planted inside:

  • Tango Lettuce (45 days)
  • Red Merlox Oak Leaf Lettuce (53 days)
  • Rouge d’Hiver Lettuce (65 days)
  • Winter Wonderland Lettuce (70 days)
  • Red-tinged Winter Lettuce (60 days)
  • Winter Marvel Lettuce (52 days)

February 12, soaked Coral Shell Peas (53 days) and Blue Pod Capucinjers Peas (85 days) in water with legume innoculant for the greenhouse.

February 13, direct-seeded in the greenhouse

  • Coral Peas (53 days)
  • Blue Pod Capucinjers (85 days)
  • Easter Egg Radishes (25 days)
  • French Breakfast Radishes (26 days)
  • Alpine F1 Daikon (55 days)
  • Evergreen Hardy White Scallions (65 days)
  • Bull’s Blood Beet Greens (60 days)
  • Claytonia (40 days)

That’s it for February planting. Early March will bring a flurry of new activity as we reach 12 weeks out from the frost free date.


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