Mail-order Seed Companies and Nurseries

Here are links to some of my favorite mail-order seed companies and nurseries. Generally, these companies sell either seeds and plants that grow well in my New Hampshire climate, or they sell interesting, hard to find things, like heirloom varieties. This list is by no means complete – there are thousands of worthy businesses out there, many of which I just haven’t discovered yet.

Fedco Seeds

Fedco is a Maine cooperative that has several different divisions for seeds, trees and perennials, tubers, grower’s supplies and bulbs. They are reliable, inexpensive, don’t knowingly sell GMOs, and have lots of organic varieties. The catalogues are full of information and are terrific resources for old New England varieties.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s is also a Maine company and they do a great job of developing seeds, tools and techniques for people who market local, seasonal produce. Tons of videos and information on their website for things like growing in high tunnels.

Pinetree Garden Seeds

Another Maine seed company! They also bulbs, supplies, plants and other things. Inexpensive, reliable.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

I love this family-owned seed company. Jere Gettle, its founder, has been gardening since he was 3. He travels the world gathering new seeds, and has received thousands of rare heirlooms from his seed saving correspondants. The operation’s home base in in Missouri (there are branches in CA and CT as well), so some of the seeds aren’t right for the North, but I’ve found many treasures here, like the Icicle series of paste tomatoes and Asian melons.

Select Seeds

This is a great resource for heirloom and other unusual varieties of flowers (and a few herbs and vegetables), both seeds and plants. In years past when I designed an ornamental garden for Canterbury Shaker Village using antique varieties, this is where I found them.

Richters Herbs

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a Canadian company. It’s easy to order from, their product are reliable, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that sells so many kinds of herbs, both as seeds and plants. Their “plugs” (small, sturdy seedlings) are an inexpensive way to buy varieties that aren’t available as seeds.

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